Astroforecast - July/August 2013

June 22-July 22

You are entering a “talking head” period in your life as the month of July starts. You are great with talking points and full of talking projects. It’s when mid-July arrives that the air has been let out of the balloon and everything begins to sag and you can begin to sulk. Curve balls are thrown at you, and everyone is asking you, “Where’s the walk to your talk?” Everything will be shaken out and shaken up by August;learn to trust inner intuition.

July 23-August 22

Early July is a time period that favors games of chance, as you may experience sudden financial windfalls. You also experience unbiased insights involving personal relationships that take your breath away. Keep a dream interpretation book handy, as your inner psyche is stimulating intuitive undercurrents that may bear relevance later in August. You experience a tug-of-war of sorts between your conservative self versus your liberal side.

October 23-November 22

So how does it feel to have the unnecessary in life totally stripped away from you and to stand before the crowd like the “emperor with no clothes”? It’s amazing how a sculptor has to take out the chisel and the hammer to a block of rock to give life to an artistic vision and make it come alive. Rock is an inanimate object, yet the artist’s vision infuses the rock with “life.” Strip away the block in your life, and live life anew; you knew you had it in you.

November 23-December 20

Go back in time to your childhood to explore what were the attitudes and philosophies of life from your early family memories, particularly those of your parents and their immediate relatives. Keep the attitudes and philosophies that were positive and healthy for you, with all the other negative ones to be tossed away. Your personal progress will be impeded if you hold on to the old negative family views. Just take a healthy step forward..

December 21-January 19

Unshackle the mind to be open to new alternative visions as well as to soar to new horizons and territories. The best thing you have recently acquired is fearlessness, and because of this you have recalibrated yourself. What point is there to fear death when in actuality you may have had fear of life? Death is inevitable, and yet life is inexhaustible; look at Mother Nature and see how life affirms itself left and right. Reap and reward yourself with joy!

January 20-February 18

You are coming into a period of personal scrutiny, particularly on hot-button issues that have ignited frustration and anger from the past. Some things from the past are beyond control, but what you do have control over is the present as well as the future. Source who is the “bully” in life and recognize that if you have disempowered yourself in the past, that is what is “bullying” you now. Take charge in your life, and work through issues instead of around them.

February 19-March 20

The carnival is here! Head out to the arcade area of the carnival, as you will win the big teddy bear, you will hammer to the top of the bell, and you will toss the rings right on the mark. Incredible as it sounds, the universe is coming together to give you the push you need and the wherewithal to make dreams come true. The only equisites required are the following: Be patient with the process as it takes time; be organized, structured and systematic in endeavors.

March 21-April 20

You are challenged during the summer with frustrating family issues as well as having to endure overly emotional situations taxing your patience. Everybody is demanding support from you, and yet all you are looking for is a little sympathy. Get to the bottom of the truth, since usually demanding people have very little sympathy, and they tend to be very selfish by nature. Learn the following approach: “How do we solve this together?”

April 21-May 20

There are career and management issues to start out with. More importantly, what are the actual values to be supported, or do we have lack of values? There are questions of fairness and justice surrounding you right now; the crux of the matter is most other people are indifferent and apathetic to these questions. Interest is more oriented to power plays and power games, which you must have no part of. Karma and consequences will be played out.

May 21-June 21

The Pied Piper is coming to town, knocking on your front door to collect on household expenditures and domestic financial reserves. Is that piggy bank full, or are you short with cash flow? If you cannot secure your domestic life, you will walk around the real world with insecurities that other people will psychically “pick up” on; they may head for the hills when you come around the mountain. One of your parents probably taught you this insecurity.

August 23-September 22

You come to a realization of what your needs have been in contrast with what really are your future priorities, and the future beckons you. You may have taken too many trips to the wishing well with barely any results, so quit focusing outside of yourself for solutions and ascertain that you have all the inner tools to manifest your deepest desires. It is in late August that you begin to pull order out of chaos and when you engage productive results.

September 23-October 22

July starts out with the focus on friends, groups and community outreach activities. In a very inconspicuous way you come to the aid of the “underdog,” as your compassion is strong as well as gentle. Teach this individual to provide for oneself as well as learn independence. Whether you are aware of it or not, you garner attention from an admirer, and you may have to accept a social invitation; attend the function with enthusiasm.

Lance K. Rodriguez is a professional “Astrology/Tarot consultant as well as a Usui/KarunaÒ Reiki Master. He can be reached at


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